Essential Lo-Fi House


Samplestate present Essential Lo-Fi House, an expansive collection of beats sourced from analogue hardware, hits, vocals and music loops which are soaked in saturation, character and vibe.  Hard pushed tape reels, glowing valves, dusty stomp boxes, and classic pre-amps that come to life when the red-line get hit and pushed beyond.

Bringing together all the elements you need to produce music in the style of labels such as Lobster Theremin, L.I.E.S, Shall Not Fade, Unknown II, The Unknown and artists including DJ Seinfeld, Ross From Friends, DJ Boring, Fabio Monesi and Mall Grab.

Classic drum machines like the TR-909 and TR-808, routed through a vintage desks before being smashed to a classic Reel-To-Reel tape machine’s or old school cassette recorders to give an amazingly unique drum loop and one shots folders.

The synth and pad loops were created with a Roland Juno and digital Korg combo before being processed via valves, tape, pre-amps and old analogue filters.

The extensive Drum Hit and Chord/Stab sections were treated in various ways,  valves, tapes, guitar stomp boxes, germanium fuzz, cheap compressors, MPC style bit reduction and transformers culminating in a selection packed with noisy LoFi flavours.

We’ve also included sugar coated Rhodes loops, smashed through vintage desks and burnt to tape, a bitter-sweet vocal section and collection of disco loops to cater for the varied styles and moods of Lo-Fi sub genres.

The Drum Loops folders include 30 full drum loops with multiple variations of each beat and 79 top and percussion loops designed to glue the included kick and clap hits together into the ultimate Lo Fi groove.

Music Loops are split into Synth Loops, Pad Loops, Bass Loops, Rhodes Loops and Disco Loops ranging from warm dusty flavours to smashed burnt out remnants of sound.

The one-shot folders include some of the most vibe laden Drum Hits, Vocals, Stabs, Chords, Pads, Machine Noise FX, and Sound FX we’ve ever heard.

Each pack comes with an instant download of Apple Loops, WAV & Ableton format, After checkout simply choose the option best suited for you.

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  • 24 Bit quality
  • 1.34GB
  • 26 120BPM Drum Loops
  • 20 122BPM Drum Loops
  • 46 123BPM Drum Loops
  • 39 125BPM Drum Loops
  • 87 Top Loops
  • 219 Drum Rex2 Files
  • 50 Bass Loops
  • 16 Disco Loops
  • 27 Pad Loops
  • 25 Rhodes Loops
  • 52 Synth Loops
  • 20 Vocal Loops
  • 191 Music Rex2 Files
  • 50 Bass Tones
  • 94 Chord Stabs & Hits
  • 346 Drum Hits
  • 31 FX
  • 12 Battery 4 Kits & Patches
  • 150 Soft Sampler Patches for EXS24, Halion, Kontakt & NNXT