Underground Tech Weapons


Samplestate brings you our latest high-quality sample pack “Underground Tech Weapons”

This pack is inspired by one of the years biggest buzz sounds,  a blend of Dutch Tech House , classic Deep House and also nods to more groove driven Minimal House. 

Taking our cues from pioneering producers such as Chris Stussy, Toman, DJOKO, Prunk, Jesse Maas, ANOTR, S.A.M and many more who have championed this sound over recent years on labels such as PIV, No Art, Politics of Dancing, Locus etc.

This pack brings you crisp grooving beats, that combined with the exquisite synth chord loops instantly get you into that musical yet dance-floor driven territory.  Lush pads, deeper chord progressions,  and melodic elements are also included as well as vocal identities,  bass loops and one-shots such as individual drums, bass, vocals, synths and FX all pre-programmed for all major soft samplers.

Take a listen to the demo track and free samples for an understanding of what this varied pack has in store.

Instant download in both Apple/Logic format or Wav format for all other users.

  • 1.36GB featuring:-
    66 – 127 BPM Drum Loops
    73 – 125 BPM Drum Loops
    39 – Bass Loops
    40 – Deep Chord Loops
    34 – Pad Loops
    32 – Synth Loops
    295 – One Shot Samples
    40 – Bass Hits
    171 – Drum Hits
    36 – FX Hits
    32 – Synth Hits
    31 – Vox Hits
    79 – Sampler Instruments (NNXT/Kontakt/Halion/EXS24)
    168 – Music REX2 Files / 161 – Drum REX2 Files

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Check out the demo track and free samples for an idea of what this quality pack has in store.